Thursday, June 25, 2015


When the link is available I'll connect this to my latest column on the subject of "Coasting."

Coasting is what we do in these hot summer months I think.  I know it is what I am doing.  Peter always said that he "estivated" in the summer.  Look it up - it is the same thing as hibernate except in the hot season.  I especially love the definition because it uses the word "torpor."  What a great word!

  1. (of an animal, particularly an insect, fish, or amphibian) spend a hot or dry period in a prolonged state of torpor or dormancy.

Jessie, Amanda and I met in May with Jay and Ebeth of the Shared Visions Foundation to get the ball rolling for the Down Yonder Fund for the Arts to which so many of you have contributed.  Events are happening already and the buildings are in use even though the official structure isn't in place.  That is coming and we will keep you posted.  However, July and August are looking rather busy!

If you're on the email list you'll be hearing from us.  If you're not and want to be, send an email to and say "subscribe to email list."

In the mean time, the week after PeterFest was a busy one, with a house concert out here (a full house!) and a photography session the Saturday after PeterFest.  The photographer, Courtney Potter, generously shared the link to her blog with a lot of great pictures taken here on the farm (click on the link).

Right now I am trying to plow through and discard lots of old files and finding that difficult most days.  For one thing, I am firmly planted with one foot in each of two worlds.  One is the world of paper files, and the other is, of course, the digital world.  I am a big fan of Google Documents.  I tend to misplace (seldom lose) papers but so far have not lost my computer and, with online files, someone else is in charge.  Still, I am attached to those papers.

However, the real difficulty is nostalgia.  Right now the file open on my desk is from Peter's construction of what we call "The Farmstead Building."  In there are all the receipts from Peter's raising of this building I am standing in...a roughly 22x24" wood-paneled, scissor-trussed building that has housed my various farm endeavors including a wool processing plant and now Farmstead Health Supply.  Our long-term handspinners group meets here once a month.

Most of the papers are receipts that can go, but they remind me of how hard Peter worked to erect this space and how much he loved doing it.  He loved to say that he had an "Edifice Complex" (say that quickly three times). He said he'd name his construction company "Don't Look Too Close Construction."  There are visible mistakes and Peter always said that he wouldn't live in anything he built, but everything is still standing after 24 years and though a storm is raging outside, I feel safe in here.  Thank you, Peter.

I love hearing your stories about Peter and will share those here (I need to ask permission from a few of you).  Peter has visited a few of you in your dreams and I love to hear those, so please keep sharing.  Meanwhile, Peter's sister Karen shared this yesterday, so I'll end with these good tales.


I was thinking today about Peter and music.  As an older sister it certainly had its challenges.  When he was 8 or 9 someone had the bright idea of getting Peter a drum set.  For months there was not a moment of peace in the house as Peter banged on his drums as loudly as he could.

Several years later when he was about 13 or so he took a deeper interest in music and fell in love with rock n roll which he blasted on the radio.  Again, this reverberated through the house.  When I would ask him to turn it down because I had to do homework, he replied that of course he would adjust the volume.  Pesky younger "adjusting" he meant he would turn it up even louder.

Fast forward many years.  I was working on the Village film and found that I couldn't use a Bob Dylan song without paying tons of royalty.  I told Peter what I needed as a replacement.  It was harmonica music that would sound enough like Dylan that the audience would associate it with Dylan, but not too much like him that I would be sued.  Peter knew exactly what it should be and within 24 hours a disc arrived at my door.  The harmonica sound is in the film.

Just thoughts of the day

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