Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm in my sixth week of a recommended 15-week regimen of an oral chemo drug. The routine is two weeks on, then one off. At the end of each of the two weeks on it I've felt pretty bad, like I did when I had pre-surgery chemo and radiation. I've tried to fight through the lethargy and low appetite and have considered bailing out on the drug (Xeloda), but am not quite at that point yet, especially because the week off the drug is supposed to be restorative.

When I returned home after the March surgery, walking up and down our long driveway was part of daily rehab. One of my favorite and most faithful "coaches" and all-around best supporters was Geoff Hathaway. Geoff, a great bass player and music associate, is a very positive, enthusiastic person with a lot of energy. His encouragement helped when I didn't feel like exercising, when I would have preferred to sleep inside. We all need friends like Geoff- in sickness and in health.

Lately I've had the pleasure of watching and hearing Geoff and his old friends play in the music building. His alma mater, St. Augustine's College in Raleigh, asked him to put together a band to play at a homecoming football game this coming fall. This "all-alumni band" features players who played in Night Wind, a funk/R&B group that Geoff put together in the early 80's (all are from back in the day except the son of the guitarist). The group has come from all over the East Coast to practice. That's Geoff second from left: 

In farm news, Susan and I travelled over the weekend to Wilkes County to buy Cledus the Mule. Why, you ask?! Hey, because he's a handsome guy and we needed one. Our friend Holli tells us that she put his photo on Facebook,which I've never used, and that he already has lots of fans:

Susan is in Greensboro this week on a retreat for her work, but promises to write here on the blog when she gets back. 

That's it for now!