Thursday, May 7, 2015

PeterFest made the news!

Thanks to Dan Way for the pictures that graced the last post, and also for this wonderful article that captures the essence of PeterFest so well.  

Enjoy!  Dan was my editor for years with the Chapel Hill Herald, and was great to work with:

The Friday after PeterFest we hosted Darlingside for a great concert here at Down Yonder Farm.  The next (25th) was the 34th anniversary of the day Peter and I got married (what a grand day that was!).

The following week I took a silent retreat here on the phones, no screens (TV, computer, laptop, etc), and no visitors.  I tried not to talk to myself, even, but did have to tell the dogs to come or stay from time to time.  I delved into The Presence Process and Seven Sacred Pauses again, and used the time as a sort of "re-set" from all the busyness of life.  It was much needed and I think really helped with my overall well-being as I move into this new and very different life.

That being said, every event following a death feels like another door closing.  I've felt a huge come-down following PeterFest, and, oddly, his death feels more preposterous to me than it did closer to the actual event.  More often, it seems, I think, "I'll just tell him this," or "I need to ask him that."

In 20 minutes he will have been gone from this world five months and that just gets harder to believe.

I sit here watching the grass grow (and calculating what I'll mow when).  Peter was the lawn mower and we shared the field cutting on the tractor.  So I've had to learn the quirks of the riding mower and where all the rocks and roots reside.  But I feel close to Peter when I mow.

I have a lot of Peter related things to post here in the future, but have had to get my legs under me again following PeterFest.  We're having a DYFA (Down Yonder Fund For the Arts) meeting this weekend.  We've already had so much interest in individuals and artists using the space.  I am eager to see this unfold.

Thanks again to every one who is a part of Peter's enduring community.